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The secret to any successful garden is in the planning. The better your garden is planned the more successful the finished result. Inbloom Landscape Design has designed some of sydney’s most beautiful landscape designs so by choosing us for your landscape design project you can be sure you’ll love the finished result.

We specialise in a number of landscape design services including small spaces, courtyards, water features, decks and pergolas, feature walls and BBQ areas. We also provide custom designs based on your site and requirements. How It Works

Our landscape designers work with you, listen to your ideas and advise you of the best design solution available to meet your requirements and budget.

To start give us a call and our friendly staff will be able to discuss your general requirements and explain our pricing options. We can then arrange a consultation where our landscape designer will come out and discuss your project in more detail.

Our landscape designer will then contact you to confirm the appointment, answer any questions you may have and suggest points to consider prior to the consultation.

At the consultation we put together a rough concept sketch accompanied by notes on the desired landscape outcomes and a rough estimate of cost to landscape. If a fully specified design is required, exact measurements are taken and a concept plan is then developed.

Further meetings are then held in which the reasoning behind the plan is detailed, feedback taken, alternatives discussed, and a clearer indication of cost given. The design is then refined and checked by you prior to being fully specified and a written quote given.

At the end of the design process you will have a clear picture of how your garden will look, what materials will be used and how much it will cost. You can then have us implement your design or take it away to be implemented by the person of your choosing.

Checkout the following to PDF documents that display finished landscape design architecture.

Our Service


At ‘Inbloom Landscape Design’ we offer garden, lawn and irrigation systems. We offer a complete landscaping service.

Garden beds

At ‘Inbloom Landscape Design’ garden beds are another aspect utilised to divide a backyard into a spectacular and relaxing space.


At‘Inbloom Landscape Design’ we can help you make the most of your outdoor living space with the use of paving and lawn landscaped areas


Expand your outdoor living area through customised decking. Multiple levels, shapes, and materials provide for unlimited solutions.

Retaining walls

At ‘Inbloom Landscape Design’ we construct retaining walls from many materials.

Water features

Water features can fulfil on a whole range of functions. Add ambience in the space, create a focal point, deliver a soothing sound, provide a home for fish and water plants, create and environment of harmony and tranquillity.

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